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Gas Leak Detection & Repair in Austin

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Gas lines can be confusing and dangerous. Home and business owners should never attempt to repair or replace these lines themselves. Instead, individuals should find a trustworthy company that will repair these pipes safely. Gas leaks are especially dangerous and should be tended to immediately.

At S & D Plumbing, we are here to help our customers with gas leak detection and repair in Austin and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality professional service at a reasonable cost. Our knowledgeable and honest plumbers will provide you with long-term solutions you can trust.

If you suspect a gas leak or want to have your gas line inspected, call us today at (512) 648-4663 for immediate service.

Signs that it’s Time to Repair Your Gas Lines

Some problems with gas lines may be immediately obvious. Others, however, may need the trained eye of a professional plumber to be accurately diagnosed and addressed. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may need gas line repair or full replacement.

Some commons signs that your gas lines need repairs, include:

  • Bent lines
  • Weakened lines
  • Loose or broken fittings/pipe connections
  • Hard, cracked gaskets
  • Clogged gas lines

If you notice any signs of a leak or problem with your home or business’s gas lines, contact S & D Plumbing right away. Our trained technicians can quickly and correctly identify the issue and get to work making necessary repairs or replacements.

Do You Have a Gas Leak?

There are a few ways to tell if you have a gas leak. Cool gas lines, or lines that have condensation on them, is one indicator of a leak. As gas escapes from the line, the pressure within the line will decrease, resulting in cool lines, condensation, or even ice formation. Other lines will create unexplained condensation or ice on the ground nearby or on vegetation surrounding them.

Other signs of a gas leak include:

  • A distinct hissing noise
  • Unpleasant gas odors
  • Triggered carbon monoxide detectors

Because some gas does not produce an odor, it’s important to outfit your home with carbon monoxide detectors. Detectors should be installed on each level of the home, especially near bedrooms, to alert individuals of gas leaks that have given off no other clues.

What Should You Do in the Event Of A Gas Leak?

The most important step for someone who knows he or she has a gas leak or suspects there might be a leak is to get to a safe location far away from the leak. The individual should be sure to refrain from using any electrical equipment, telephones, cell phones, or cars while leaving because this could create a spark, which could ignite any gas fumes present.

Next, the individual should call 911 to notify the authorities and should also notify the gas company, particularly if the gas leak seems to be coming from a mainline. Finally, a professional plumbing repair technician should be alerted to find where the leak is and make any necessary repairs or replace the broken gas line altogether. No one should return to the home until the leak is resolved.

A potential gas leak is a serious hazard. Call S & D Plumbing at (512) 648-4663 if you suspect a gas leak.

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