Meet the Team

Meet the Team



  • Melvin Haddix
    Melvin Haddix Plumber

    A licensed plumber and leak detection specialist, Melvin is loyal, honest, and easygoing. He is dedicated to top-quality work and has spent more than 20 years with S & D Plumbing!

  • Jess Shaw
    Jess Shaw Plumber

    Jess is a licensed plumber at S & D Plumbing and is loyal, hardworking, and outgoing. Jess is very easygoing and always takes great pride in his work, conducting plumbing services in a cleanly and professional manner.

  • Kyle Lepper
    Kyle Lepper Drain Cleaner

    A drain cleaner at S & D Plumbing, Kyle is hardworking, outgoing, and works diligently every day to perfect his trade. Kyle enjoys hanging out with his family and friends and doing anything outdoors.

  • Garrett Beshears
    Garrett Beshears Plumber

    Enjoy spending time with with my daughter and working with S&D to better my plumbing skills.

  • Tyler Lamb
    Tyler Lamb Plumber

    Excited to grow as a plumber with S&D & enjoys spending time outdoors hunting and fishing.

  • Angel Garcia-Hernandez
    Angel Garcia-Hernandez Plumber

    Enjoys spending time with family & is dedicated to making the customer satisfied with the work done.

  • Clarence Chavis
    Clarence Chavis Plumber

    Clarence is a loyal and dedicated plumber. In his free time, he enjoys fishing.

  • Jared Ochoa
    Jared Ochoa Plumber

    Jared is dedicated to the plumbing craft and enjoys fishing in his spare time.

  • Jason Radford
    Jason Radford Plumber

    Jason is enjoying expanding his knowledge in plumbing at S&D Plumbing. He loves to spend time with his friends and family.

  • Juan Ruvalacaba
    Juan Ruvalacaba Plumber

    When Juan is not working on plumbing projects he is tending to his personal farm.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia Plumber

    Along with his passion for plumbing, Juan enjoys mentoring younger plumbers.

Office Staff

  • Micah Bonney
    Micah Bonney CSR

    Micah has worked at S & D Plumbing for seven years. He has his Associates degree in advertising and is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree in management. In addition to his time spent with S & D Plumbing, Micah also runs a port-a-potty business on the side as well.

  • Kathleen Cargill
    Kathleen Cargill Accounts Payable/HR

    Enjoys spending time with her family, shopping and listening to music.

  • Amanda Alvarado
    Amanda Alvarado Dispatcher

    Spends time with family, and enjoys watching sports games, especially when her son is playing.

  • Karla Ford
    Karla Ford Dispatcher

    Karla enjoys hanging with her husband, spending time with friends, and traveling.

  • Damaris Loredo
    Damaris Loredo CSR

    Damaris enjoys spending time with her family and loves being involved with her church.


  • Dan Dowdy
    Dan Dowdy General Manager

    A Master Plumber and S & D Plumbing’s General Manager, Dan Dowdy is a hard-working family man. He enjoys all outdoor activities, including bow hunting, fishing, camping, and golfing. Dan is also avid in CrossFit and endurance sports.

  • Rhonda Dowdy
    Rhonda Dowdy Office Manager/Owner

    Rhonda is the Office Manager and Owner of S & D Plumbing. Alongside her husband, Sam, Rhonda has run S & D Plumbing for more than 35 years, giving her valuable knowledge of and expertise in the plumbing trade. She is dedicated to her family, employees, and the church.

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