Meet the Team

Meet the Team



  • Melvin Haddix
    Melvin Haddix Plumber

    A licensed plumber and leak detection specialist, Melvin is loyal, honest, and easygoing. He is dedicated to top-quality work and has spent more than 20 years with S & D Plumbing!

  • Keith Hackleman
    Keith Hackleman Plumber

    A licensed plumber, Keith is dedicated to mastering the plumbing trade. He is both hardworking and easygoing. In his free time, Keith enjoys spending time outdoors. He especially loves hunting and fishing and is a master gunsmith in his spare time.

  • Jess Shaw
    Jess Shaw Plumber

    Jess is a licensed plumber at S & D Plumbing and is loyal, hardworking, and outgoing. Jess is very easygoing and always takes great pride in his work, conducting plumbing services in a cleanly and professional manner.

  • Greg Davis
    Greg Davis Plumber

    Greg is an honest, hardworking, licensed plumber. He has been with S & D Plumbing through all years of training. In his free time, Greg enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Dylan Konarsky
    Dylan Konarsky Plumber

    Dylan started working with S & D Plumbing as a sophomore in high school. Through years of service, he worked his way up to service tech status. Dylan enjoys taking care of his customers and, in his spare time, enjoys hunting and fishing.

  • Kyle Lepper
    Kyle Lepper Drain Cleaner

    A drain cleaner at S & D Plumbing, Kyle is hardworking, outgoing, and works diligently every day to perfect his trade. Kyle enjoys hanging out with his family and friends and doing anything outdoors.

  • Garrett Beshears
    Garrett Beshears Plumber

    Enjoy spending time with with my daughter and working with S&D to better my plumbing skills.

  • Tyler Lamb
    Tyler Lamb Plumber

    Excited to grow as a plumber with S&D & enjoys spending time outdoors hunting and fishing.

  • Angel Garcia-Hernandez
    Angel Garcia-Hernandez Plumber

    Enjoys spending time with family & is dedicated to making the customer satisfied with the work done.

  • Clarence Chavis
    Clarence Chavis Plumber

    Clarence is a loyal and dedicated plumber. In his free time, he enjoys fishing.

  • Jared Ochoa
    Jared Ochoa Plumber

    Jared is dedicated to the plumbing craft and enjoys fishing in his spare time.

  • Jason Radford
    Jason Radford Plumber

    Jason is enjoying expanding his knowledge in plumbing at S&D Plumbing. He loves to spend time with his friends and family.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia Plumber

    When Juan is not working on plumbing projects he is tending to his personal farm.

  • Juan Ruvalcaba
    Juan Ruvalcaba Plumber

    Along with his passion for plumbing, Juan enjoys mentoring younger plumbers.

  • Paul Schultz
    Paul Schultz Plumber

    He is a dedicated Journeymen plumber here at S&D Plumbing. He is married with 2 kids. He enjoys working around his home and taking his dog for walks.

  • Andrew Lantham
    Andrew Lantham Plumber

    When Andrew is not dedicating his time to learning the plumbing craft he is play instruments and videogames.

  • Dylan Browning
    Dylan Browning Plumber

    Dylan is up in coming in the plumbing world. He enjoys spending time outside and hanging out with his wife and kids.

Office Staff

  • Micah Bonney
    Micah Bonney CSR

    Micah has worked at S & D Plumbing for seven years. He has his Associates degree in advertising and is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree in management. In addition to his time spent with S & D Plumbing, Micah also runs a port-a-potty business on the side as well.

  • Lisa Conoley
    Lisa Conoley CSR

    Dedicated to spending time with family and friends. Enjoys shopping and traveling.

  • Kathleen Cargill
    Kathleen Cargill Accounts Payable/HR

    Enjoys spending time with her family, shopping and listening to music.

  • Amanda Alvarado
    Amanda Alvarado Dispatcher

    Spends time with family, and enjoys watching sports games, especially when her son is playing.

  • Karla Ford
    Karla Ford Dispatcher

    Karla enjoys hanging with her husband, spending time with friends, and traveling.

  • Mikhayla Teles
    Mikhayla Teles CSR

    Mikayla enjoys spending time with her family and riding horse.

  • Damaris Loredo
    Damaris Loredo CSR

    Damaris enjoys spending time with her family and loves being involved with her church.


  • Dan Dowdy
    Dan Dowdy General Manager

    A Master Plumber and S & D Plumbing’s General Manager, Dan Dowdy is a hard-working family man. He enjoys all outdoor activities, including bow hunting, fishing, camping, and golfing. Dan is also avid in CrossFit and endurance sports.

  • Rhonda Dowdy
    Rhonda Dowdy Office Manager/Owner

    Rhonda is the Office Manager and Owner of S & D Plumbing. Alongside her husband, Sam, Rhonda has run S & D Plumbing for more than 35 years, giving her valuable knowledge of and expertise in the plumbing trade. She is dedicated to her family, employees, and the church.

  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes Parts Manager

    Chis is the Parts Manager here at S&D Plumbing. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his family and all outdoor activities.

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