Meet the Team

Meet the Team



  • Angel Garcia-Hernandez
    Angel Garcia-Hernandez Head of Inventory

    Angel has been working for S&D Plumbing for many years, he enjoys the work he does here in cosmetic repairs as well as his role as the head of inventory and is always willing to work on anything that needs to get done. His favorite part of his job is the endless opportunities he gets to apply his skills in bringing others relief. When Angel is not at work working on projects for the company, he is working on his own projects. He is currently in the process of remodeling his own home and finds joy in the results of doing most of the cosmetic work himself.

  • Jess Shaw
    Jess Shaw Service Technician

    Jess is one of our long-time leak detection specialists, he enjoys working for S&D Plumbing because of the atmosphere he gets to work in every day. He enjoys the challenges he gets to tackle and is always happy to accommodate to a customer’s needs. When Jess is not working, he focuses his time towards his family and friends. He finds happiness in the outdoors and bettering his craft.

  • Melvin Haddix
    Melvin Haddix Service Technician

    Melvin has been with S&D Plumbing for almost 40 years, he has applied himself to the trade and became one of the best in leak detection and repair through his experience. He enjoys being a part of our team because of the family values we apply to each task. When Melvin isn’t out fixing major plumbing issues, he is spending time with his family and friends. Melvin dedicates most of his free time to his wife and granddaughter.

  • Scott Butler
    Scott Butler Service Technician

    Scott has been a star in his field for around 20 years. Scott enjoys working in the plumbing field because of his solution-oriented mentality and passion for taking a challenging issue and finding the best solution to resolve it. He strives to not only fix any customer’s issue, but also leave it better than it was before. Scott will take any plumbing issue, big or small, and figure out multiple options for repair, pursue the best plan of attack, and finally bring our customers the happiness that comes along with a now nonexistent plumbing issue. When Scott is not working on people’s plumbing, he is working on his drones and remote-control cars. Scott can be found at the lake fishing in his free time.

  • Kyle Lepper
    Kyle Lepper Service Technician

    Kyle enjoys the plumbing trade because of the opportunity he is given to turn someone’s day around. When he arrives to a customer’s home, they are experiencing a pressing problem with their plumbing, and when he leaves their problem is resolved. He enjoys working with S&D Plumbing, because he feels that he has room to grow and become not only the best plumber he can be, but also the best person he can be. Outside of work Kyle enjoys anything outdoors with a focus on hunting, fishing. He spends every spare moment with family and friends.

  • Bobby Clopton
    Bobby Clopton Service Technician

    Bobby enjoys the ongoing training and positive work environment maintained by everyone in the office, and in the field at S&D Plumbing. His favorite part about working in the plumbing field is the interactions he gets to have with customers and the opportunity to provide them with great customer service. When Bobby is not at work, he enjoys fishing, playing golf, exploring the great outdoors, and spending time with his wife, son, and rest of his family and friends.

  • Garrett Beshears
    Garrett Beshears Service Technician

    Garrett likes working for S&D Plumbing because of the endless opportunities for growth. He is constantly working on bettering himself in the trade and is appreciative of all the opportunities S&D Plumbing provides him to become better. When Garrett is not at work, he is spending time with his family, and friends. He enjoys fishing, and any other outdoor activities.

  • Jason Radford
    Jason Radford Service Technician

    Jason loves working with S&D Plumbing, because of his love of turning someone’s devastating issue into an exceptional experience in working with a company who is the best in our field. When Jason is not working, he likes to spend time with his family, read God’s word, and help others in any way he can.

  • Zachary Robison
    Zachary Robison Apprentice

    Zach appreciates working for S&D Plumbing for the opportunity he gets to assist customers with their plumbing needs and enjoys working for a company who truly cares about their customers and employees. When Zach is not at work he can be found working on his truck.

  • Chris Martinez
    Chris Martinez Apprentice

    Chris enjoys working for S&D Plumbing for the variety of people he has the chance to meet and the social interactions he gets to experience day to day. He also enjoys the challenge of mastering the trade to become the best plumber he can be. He believes S&D Plumbing is an excellent company who cares about their customers as well as their employees. When Chris is not at work, he is spending time with his family, or working out at the gym.

  • Jared Ochoa
    Jared Ochoa Apprentice

    What Jared enjoys the most about working in the plumbing trade is his chance to do something different every day, as every situation is different & has a different method for repair. He is a big fan of the outdoors and is appreciative of the work he gets to conduct outside. When Jared is not working, he is hunting, fishing, and spending time with his friends.

  • Nick Salazar
    Nick Salazar Apprentice

    Nick enjoys working for S&D Plumbing because of the role he gets to play at our customers’ time of need in preventing major damage to their homes by performing the necessary plumbing repairs alongside our experienced technicians. In Nick’s free time he spends time with his family and friends and participates in any outdoor activities.

  • Austin Pelican
    Austin Pelican Apprentice

    Austin is proud to work for S&D Plumbing based off of the reputation we have built in the Austin area around our skills and customer service orientation. When Austin is not at work, he is constantly thinking of new ways to improve his knowledge of the plumbing field.

  • Clarence Chavis
    Clarence Chavis Apprentice

    Clarence knows he has landed a great job, as he has never worked under any employer who cares as much as S&D Plumbing does. He has come to feel a part of the family through his years working our company. He believes that at S & D Plumbing Sam and Rhonda resemble parents in the way they look out for everyone, and Dan & Sam Jr. have grown on him as siblings who he respects and cherishes. When Clarence is not at work, he enjoys watching his favorite shows on television.

  • Devin Pelican
    Devin Pelican Apprentice

    Devin enjoys working at S&D Plumbing because he sees long term value in the skills, he gets an opportunity to master alongside experienced technicians. He is also a fan of the team building environment he is surrounded by on a daily basis. When Devin is not at work, he takes care of his Pitbull, Sam. Devin likes relaxing, eating great food and collecting antiques.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia Apprentice

    Juan enjoys working for S&D Plumbing because he enjoys mentoring young, up & coming plumbers and helping them better their craft. Juan goes by Juan- John at work and releases positive vibes everywhere he goes. When Juan-John is not at work he is spending time with his family watching major soccer leagues on television.

  • Juan Ruvalacaba
    Juan Ruvalacaba Apprentice

    Juan is happy working at S&D Plumbing, as he is proud to work for a company who is willing to dedicate so much time to their customers and staff. He enjoys plumbing because it provides him with an opportunity to challenge himself by finding new ways to better himself. When Juan is not at work, he is tending to his personal farm.

Office Staff

  • Kathleen Cargill
    Kathleen Cargill Human Resources & Accounts Payable

    Kathleen has been with S&D Plumbing for many years and enjoys how working here feels like you’re working amongst family. She expresses that she appreciates the way Rhonda & her husband Sam take care of their employees and customers in a more personal way than that of many of our competitors. When Kathleen isn’t handling our accounts and employee needs, she is spending time with her family, and attending her son’s sports events. Kathleen enjoys going shopping, and spending time outdoors.

  • Karla Ford
    Karla Ford Insurance Specialist & Accounts Receivable

    Karla enjoys working for S&D Plumbing because of our focus on customer needs. Our ongoing training allows us to remain the best in our field. She gets to witness the way we take our customers’ & employees’ feedback, be it positive or negative, and apply it to our weekly training and learn from it. When Karla is not in the office, she enjoys making new memories through traveling, camping, and spending time playing games with her friends & family.

  • Tiffany Pelzel
    Tiffany Pelzel Marketing & Recruiting Specialist

    As our Marketing and Recruiting Specialist, Tiffany loves how S & D Plumbing allows her to turn her dreams into visions and her visions into a reality. Tiffany’s greatest strengths are in creativity, drive, and leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that involve growth for the company. When Tiffany is not at S&D Plumbing, she is either spending time with her family, playing her favorite instruments, painting, or giving back to the community through volunteer work. She enjoys exploring outside of her comfort zone, and she finds that her passion for music and writing assist with this. She is constantly seeking new ways to make a situation or herself better.

  • Damaris Loredo
    Damaris Loredo CSR

    Damaris has a passion for bringing others happiness. With the time she has spent with S&D Plumbing she feels blessed to be a part of the continued growth of a well-known & reputable company. Damaris is proud to work for a company who is persistent in the application of their core values in all situations. When she is not at work, she enjoys being active in any way possible. Damaris considers herself an avid runner and enjoys the ongoing training she is applying herself to in order to accomplish new goals and keep raising the bar for herself. She also enjoys sitting down with a good book whenever she has time and finding enrichment wherever it may present itself.

  • Desiree Rich
    Desiree Rich CSR

    Desiree enjoys working for S&D Plumbing because of our core values that we apply not only to work, but our everyday lives as well. She has a passion for helping people and making them smile, working for S&D Plumbing allows her to do just that! When she is not working, she enjoys making new memories with her friends and family while watching her son grow and learn new things daily.

  • Micah Bonney
    Micah Bonney CSR

    Micah has worked at S & D Plumbing for seven years. He has his Associates degree in advertising and is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree in management. In addition to his time spent with S & D Plumbing, Micah also runs a port-a-potty business on the side as well.


  • Dan Dowdy
    Dan Dowdy General Manager

    Dan loves being a part of the continued evolvement of S&D Plumbing in the pursuit for the best experience for our customers. He has a passion for providing relief to our customers by repairing their plumbing systems and letting them get back to their day to day lives. He enjoys working alongside a team who strives to provide the ultimate experience to all our customers and works daily to exceed any expectations through providing our team with weekly training and ensuring we are all standing by the company’s core values. When Dan is not at the office or in the field, he enjoys spending time outdoors alongside his wife and 4 kids.

  • Rhonda Dowdy
    Rhonda Dowdy Office Manager/Owner

    Rhonda is most proud of the teamwork and family atmosphere she has worked together with her own family to create with every member of our team in the office and in the field. She finds excitement in watching her family’s efforts for the success of S&D Plumbing blossom into an ever-evolving march to the highest level of performance in the plumbing field. Throughout the 40 years that the family’s company has been a leader in the plumbing industry as leak detection specialists as well as master’s in repair, we have managed to stay current and be proud of the legacy we embark for the future of plumbing. She strives to always find new ways to provide innovative customer service & repair to our customers, while also providing opportunities for the growth of our team. When Rhonda is not working, she enjoys traveling around the world, hiking, gardening, getting in touch with nature and collecting new experiences alongside her family. You can find her along the sidelines of her daughter’s professional volleyball games and playing with her grandkids every chance she gets.

  • Brian Cobb
    Brian Cobb Service Manager

    As our service manager, Brian gets to lead our team of technicians and works daily with our customers to provide the best customer service available in the Austin Area. Brian enjoys the family atmosphere found at S&D Plumbing and is dedicated to ensuring every one of our customers gets an exceptional impression of our company engraved in their minds. The time Brian spends outside of work is dedicated to attending his kids’ sports events, hunting, fishing, and enjoying time with his family.

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