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Round Rock Water Softener Installation

What Do Water Softeners Do?

In the natural water cycle, water evaporates into clouds and rains back onto the earth in the form of soft water. As the water moves through the ground, it picks up minerals. These minerals are healthy for the human body. Unfortunately, what is healthy for the human body can be very destructive to the pipelines and appliances using that water. To prevent this damage from occurring within your own home, think about installing a water softening system.

If you want to understand the benefits of water softeners, you will need to understand the differences between hard water and soft water:

  • Hard water contains significant levels of calcium, magnesium, and iron. It is defined and measured by the total molecular charge produced by the positively charged molecules of these minerals. It is also measured by how many grains of minerals per gallon the water contains.

  • Soft water has an insignificant charge because the minerals have been stripped away through a water softening system.

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What are the benefits of Water Softeners?

Prevents Pipeline Corrosion

The minerals in hard water, especially iron and magnesium, are often positively charged ions. When a molecule becomes a positively charged ion, it seeks to balance out that charge through bonding with other sources of electrons. This means that the minerals floating through the pipes will pull electrons from the pipes. This leaves those pipes with a positive charge that is open to bonding with the negatively charged oxygen molecule. This produces corrosion and rust that can severely damage your pipes. By removing those minerals at the entrance to your water pipelines, you are removing a major source of destruction. This is an investment that will save you a lot of money in future repairs.

Removes Limescale

Have you ever noticed a greasy film on your glass cups that a dozen dishwashing cycles can never remove? Does your coffee pot look cloudy? If you have noticed these two, then you probably also have sinks with stubborn stains that look a bit milky. Those are all examples of soap scum, and they are each directly caused by hard water. That nasty layer of limescale is a mixing of the minerals in the water with the soap that you use to clean your dishes and appliances. You will either need to constantly use a specialized cleaner to remove that mess or use a soft water system to eliminate those minerals from the start.

How S & D Plumbing Can Help

Water softening systems can benefit everyone and should be a standard appliance in every Round Rock home. By installing one of these appliances, you will notice that your dishes will be cleaner, your skin softer, and your windows will be without those annoying water spots. At S & D Plumbing, we won’t just install the water softener system and then leave you to deal with it, we also provide annual maintenance services and assistance with any problems you might encounter.

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