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Leak Detection & Repair in Round Rock, TX

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If you notice a water leak on your property, or suspect that you may have a leak but aren't sure of its source, it's important that you shut off your main water valve and call a licensed plumber from S & D Plumbing as soon as possible. As one of Round Rock's top plumbing companies, we're the team to trust for fast, professional, and affordable work of uncompromising quality. When you call us, one of our experienced plumbers will investigate the source of the problem using state-of-the-art leak locating technology. Once identified, we'll get to work on the least invasive solution possible that is best suited to your situation.

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Why Are Water Leaks Such a Big Deal?

Water leaks in a structure can be simple to fix or they can entail research on the property and a lot of challenging work for the property owner and plumber.

Potential sources of leaks:

  • Leaks can stem from a sewer system backing up from any number of causes
  • Leaks can be in plain sight, such as under a kitchen sink
  • Leaks can be behind walls or under your concrete slab, where they can go unnoticed for a long time

Hidden pipes with leaks may not be seen or noticed until the leak causes the proliferation of rust, mold, mildew, bacteria and germs, which thrive in moist environments. Leaks even have the power to cause structural damage to wood, which can compromise the integrity of your home. All of these issues can even cause the air of a structure to become harmful for occupants to breathe.

Why Hire a Plumber to Repair a Water Leak?

Detecting hidden water leaks requires special equipment to find where and why a leak is generating. For instance, at S & D Plumbing, we may run a camera line through a sewer pipeline to find out where the problem is and to determine what the right solution may be. This camera line has a powerful jet of water that helps to clean debris out of the sewer line. You would them be able to view a TV monitor along with your plumber to see firsthand what the problem is. Unlike some of our competitors, who may dig trenches through your property or destroy your drywall in search of a leak, we rely on cutting-edge tools to precisely locate the leak and fix the issue as efficiently and non-invasively as possible.

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