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6 Great Bathroom Gift Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner and while your shopping list may be filled with great gift ideas for your children and other loved ones, many homeowners may not know what to put on their own wishlist. We’re sharing some of our best gift ideas for the most popular room in the house — your bathroom.

6 Great Gifts: Bathroom Accessories Edition

We spend more time in the bathroom than we’d like to admit. Whether you’re an avid reader in the Back-Of-The-Shampoo-Bottle Book Club or a connoisseur of long baths, there’s something for everyone to make the bathroom a more comfortable and cozy space to do your business in.

Privacy (But Make it Fashion)

There’s nowhere in your home where privacy matters more than in the bathroom. Iridescent privacy film covers the windows in your bathroom to prevent anyone outside from looking in, while not blocking out the natural light we’re already in short supply of at this time of year. The film is self-adhering, so it’s simple to apply, and the patterns create a cascade of rainbow colors to add whimsy and color to your safe haven!

Create The Perfect Spa Experience (At Home!)

There’s nothing better than a long bath at the end of a hard day. Add a plush bath pillow and bath caddy to your Christmas list and lean back with your favorite book and a glass of wine to help wind down.

3 Accessories to Protect Your Plumbing

Protecting your plumbing from unnecessary clogs can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Invest in a mini trash can to keep sanitary supplies and other disposables out of the toilet.

A bidet attachment may seem foreign, but these easy-to-install add-ons can help prevent clogs that using too much toilet paper can bring on.

For the really tough clogs, an accordion plunger may be the best item in your bathroom. The folds help pack more air in with every plunge, eradicating clogs with ease (and discretion).

Which items and accessories are you adding to your wishlist? Taking care of your bathroom can be hard with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. For all your plumbing needs, contact S & D Plumbing at (512) 648-4663!