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Does My Hot Water Heater Work Harder During The Winter?

You open that one eye and you start aiming for that awful box next to your bed that seems to yell at you about this time, every morning. Begrudgingly, you will your body upward and slide out of bed. Stumbling half-awake toward the kitchen while thinking how wonderful this next cup of coffee is going to be.

While clumsily throwing in the filter and filling it with the coffee that your body is direly yearning for, your best friend in the world appears at your feet letting you know, in no uncertain terms, that it is time to go outside, like now. After hitting the magic button that will unleash a heavenly pot of goodness meant to kick-start your day, you slowly spin and start leaning towards the back door hoping that the momentum all by itself will carry you most of the way.

Subconsciously you reach for the door and swing it open, just to be lashed by a frigid gust of wind that seems to cut right through to your very bones. Standing there chilled like a well-shaken martini, you say to yourself “yep it’s January,” then you start to imagine how nice that hot shower is going to be.

Just as you are affected by the winter so is your hot water heater.

With the temperature drop during the winter months, hot water heaters must work a lot harder, as well. As the cold saps the warmth from the water sitting in the tank the heating elements are working overtime, without any breaks to maintain that perfect temperature needed for that hot shower that is so looked forward to on these frightening frigid mornings.

With the cold weather adding extra stress on your hot water heater it is important to make sure the hot water heater is working in optimal conditions. One way to assure this is by getting a hot water heater flush. Flushing your hot water heater will remove much of the calcium and mineral deposits that will collect at the bottom of your tank.

This is important because the heating elements are located on the bottom of the tank. Therefore, if you do not flush your tank on a regular basis the calcium and mineral deposits collecting on the bottom of your hot water heater will in time begin to cover the heating element located at the bottom of the tank. When this happens the heating element must work harder to heat up the water. This in turn shortens the overall life of the water heater.

Furthermore, to guarantee those hot showers during those frigid months, it is important to take care of your hot water heater. And right now, you are in luck, because S & D Plumbing is offering a FREE hot water heater flush with any service of $350.00 or more during the months of September and October. Get it done now and avoid any cold showers this winter! Call us today at .