Standard tank water heater

Signs It’s Time for a New Water Heater

Water heaters do exactly what their name suggests. They heat the water people use to shower, handle laundry and beyond. People should never assume that water heaters last forever. They're like most things in that they occasionally need full replacement. Water heaters generally remain in strong working order for anywhere between eight and 12 years total. There are exceptions, too, though. If you want to know whether your appliance is ready for replacement service, you should be on the lookout for a handful of key indications.

Water That Has a Rusty Look

If the water that comes out of your faucet has a strangely rusty look, then you need replacement service. Hot H20 that has taken on a rusty appearance typically signifies that something is going on in the interior of the unit. It often signifies that a leak is on the horizon as well. Leaks are yet another big indication of a water heater that calls for replacement service.

Inadequate Amounts of Hot Water

Insufficient amounts of hot water often point to a water heater that needs to be replaced. If you're unable to squeeze a nice warm shower in each morning, that may be a warning signal. Showers that quickly lose warm or hot water aren't good news at all.

Bizarre Sounds

If you hear bizarre growling sounds coming from your heater, then it needs your attention right away. Sediment accumulates inside of the tanks of water heaters as they get older and older. Repeated sediment heating leads to the development of a tough texture that eats up a lot of energy. If your appliance makes inexplicable growling sounds, sediment could be the big cause.

Metallic Flavoring

Hot water that has a flavor that's redolent of metal may denote a heater that needs full replacement service as soon as possible. Faulty and aging hot water heaters don't only have flavors that remind people of metal, either. They frequently smell like metal as well.

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