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Common Garbage Disposal Problems

As simple as garbage disposals are, problems with the appliances are relatively common and it may be for quite a few reasons. Whether it has a jam somewhere in it, a clogged drain, or the power has been severed. S & D Plumbing can fix it in a jiffy and at such an affordable price.

Usually, the first sign of a jam is when food gets caught between the impellers and the shredding ring. You DO NOT want to get it out without shutting off the power! Potato skins, eggs or coffee grinds are some of the things that will easily jam up your garbage disposal, so it might be better to compost these. The blades or even the flywheel could be damaged by these items.

The garbage disposal clogging will most likely happen because large-sized foods or even slimy foods that are difficult for the appliance to shred ends up turning into pretty hard to clean slop. It's better to throw it away in the trash or get a composter.

Leaks are common, and a few reasons can be through a damaged pipe if connected with your dishwasher or even a loosed clamp. There might be some loose screws or the top flange. The garbage disposal needs water, so if there is a leak somewhere, the problems will arise. Also using a lot of chemicals can damage some of the parts in your garbage disposal.

No Power
The most straightforward reason that your garbage disposal isn’t working is that it has no power. It’s best to consult with a professional to figure out the source of the power outage and the proper next steps.

There are so many moving parts within garbage disposal that make everything run smoothly. Fixing your garbage disposal yourself without the proper tools or expertise can be so dangerous to both you and your house. We have the tools and talent to make sure you get your garbage disposal fixed 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Don’t let a jammed up or leaky garbage disposal make you feel down, just let S & D Plumbing highly rated affordable priced plumbers do all the work.


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