Plumbing Problems to Look For When Buying a New Home

Plumbing Problems to Look For When Buying a New Home


buying a new home in the Austin, Texas area

Looking at houses to buy is a very exciting time in anyone's life. Unfortunately, even with a shiny new bathroom, hidden plumbing issues can cost thousands to fix. Make sure to check out these three things to ensure you aren't in for renovations you are not prepared for.

Outdated Water Heater
Water heaters, if kept up well, will last about ten years. Make sure the one in your new home isn't too close to this deadline if you aren’t budgeting for a new water heater. Be sure to ask the seller what they know about it, and if you are still uncertain, hire a professional to check it out.

Consider where the water heater is located in the house. If it's on hardwood or carpet, will your floors be ruined if it leaks? Will the drywall have damage? Check out the size as well. Can it properly fill up that pretty bathtub with warm suds, or will you end up with chilly baths?

Sewage systems are another costly repair. Most of the time, the sewer will empty at the lowest point in the house. Have a look around the sewage system. If there is an odor don't ignore it, call us! It's much better to be safe than dealing with a sewage backup.

Taking a look at the toilets is often overlooked, especially if the toilet itself is new and “pretty.” Check that the toilet isn't constantly running or leaking, as leaks can cause water damage to the system. Look around the floor near the toilet for discoloration or flimsy flooring as this is most likely due to a leak.

If you are looking for a new home and want to be safe in regards to plumbing, give us a call at (512) 648-4663.

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