How to check for leaks in your home

How to Check for Leaks in Your Home

My team and I get asked a lot of questions about high water bills and what to do about them.

The truth is that every plumber you can talk to will tell you the same few basic steps to lowering your bill.

First of all, do a walkthrough of your home. Look around for dripping faucets or running toilets. You’d be surprised about the amount of water can be wasted in these ways.

Make sure to look outside as well. Make sure your yard is free of oversaturated water spots. If you do notice this, get in contact with a plumbing specialist who will be able to help you with the leak. Be mindful of your sprinkler system, too. You may find that shutting off your sprinkler system may stop the leak.

"You’d be surprised about the amount of water can be wasted by a dripping faucet."

When we visit properties, one thing we do is isolate the hot water system from the sprinkler system.

Finally, one of the most important things to remember is to check if your water meter is moving. If the dial is moving when nothing is running, go back through the steps and make sure you’re free of leaks.

If you do have any leaks, we’d love to help.

Also, if you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.