Pouring water into two glasses

Benefits of Filtering Your Home’s Water


The tap water we use in Austin homes may go through a standard process in order to be made moderately safe, but it does not rid the water of all contaminants that still come through. Water that comes from your faucet may yet carry levels of arsenic, lead, and other dangerous toxins and chemicals that should not be acceptable for human contact.

By installing a water filtering system inside your home, you are protecting yourself and your family from all the harmful substances that are in the water you use every day. We all understand how critical clean water is in our lives, especially for drinking, bathing, and housework.

That is why there is a broad range of various filtering systems within the areas of Austin.

There are pros and cons to each individual water filter but regardless of which system you decide, adding a water filter will up the standards of your regular tap to make it safer to use.

Filter System Types

  • Carbon Filtration - used to absorb chloramines, chlorine, and organic matter that is in the water.
  • Reverse Osmosis - removes unwanted minerals, solid matter, lead, and gives a water bottle taste.
  • Distillation - A process of boiling water to completely rid water of heavy metals, pathogens, and bacteria.
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection - quicker than some other systems at cleaning the water of bacteria, mold, and other substances.
  • Microbiological Water Filter - eco-friendly way of eliminating impurities, lethal microbes, and bacteria causing illnesses.

If you live near Austin, then why not ask the experts at S & D Plumbing? Our team has been making water safer for families for 35 years and continue to bring honorable service that people can count on because water is our most critical resource that we depend on. Remember, more than half of our bodies are made up of water, so why not make it pure.

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