The Advantages of Hydrojetting Your Home’s Pipes

The Advantages of Hydrojetting Your Home’s Pipes


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It is not uncommon for your drains to get clogged from time to time. Food, grease, soap, and debris can clog the drains, causing them to be slow or completely clogged. When this happens, you have a few options. You can buy a liquid drain cleaner, however, these products aren't always effective and they can cause damage to the inside of the pipes. You can also hire a plumber to come in and snake the drain. Finally, you can hire a company who performs hydrojetting. Hydrojetting involves performing a video inspection and then using a water jet from 3,000 to 8,000 PSI to remove the blockage. Of the three options available, hydrojetting has more benefits.

Hydrojetting Is Completely Effective

The reason that many people choose hydrojetting is that it is the most effective method of cleaning the pipes. Snaking the drain will remove the clog, however, if there is any debris built up on the inside of the pipes, the snake might not get it out. Over time, this debris will build up and create a new clog. When you use hydrojetting, the water will force all of the dirt and debris from the inside of the pipes, preventing another clog in the near future.

Hydrojetting Saves Money

While the initial cost of hydrojetting often costs more money than traditional methods, it can save you money in the long run. If the clog is difficult to remove with a snake, it can be a costly procedure if the plumber is charging by the hour. Hydrojetting is much faster than using a snake, therefore, the plumber can get the job done faster. Also, since all the debris will be removed without leaving anything behind, there will be nothing left in the pipes to create a new clog. This will save you the money of hiring a plumber again to remove another clog.

Hydrojetting is Environmentally Friendly

Many people believe that hydrojetting is bad for the environment due to the water that it uses. This is not the case. Other methods of drain removal often require chemicals, which are much more harmful to the environment than using a high-pressure spray of water.

At S & D Plumbing, we have expert Austin plumbers who are dedicated to helping our customers get their plumbing working like normal. We work hard to clear clogs, provide excellent customer service, and leave you happy. Trust us with hydrojetting services to clean any clogged problems you may have.

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