Water going down drain

Signs Your Home May Need a Drain Cleaning

water flowing down drain

Keeping your drains running smooth and quick is something that every homeowner needs to ensure they stay on top of. These drains are an important part of the proper maintenance of your home. Neglecting them can lead to not only inconvenience, but also costly repairs due to water damage that can occur from backups and overflows. But how can you know if your drains need to be cleaned by a professional service company like ours?

There are a lot of small signs that your home may be in need of a drain cleaning. Let’s take a moment to look at some of those reasons. If you have any of these things happening in your home, then you should call us immediately and let us help you.

Checking the Sinks

Sinks in both the kitchen and the bathroom that do not drain as quickly or completely may indicate a clog. This can come from food residue and soaps or detergents. You may think that drain cleaners will do a good enough job to keep them running smoothly, but many times the residue is further down than the effective range of the cleaner.

In the Bathroom

Watch for shower and tub drains that don’t drain as quickly as they used to. This can come from a buildup of soap residue in the pipe from body wash and shampoos. This buildup can lead to the narrowing of the pipe and subsequently to increases in hair clogs which can make the drain run even slower and eventually stop up.

Washer Drains

Clothes washers and dishwashers that take longer to drain, or which backflow into nearby sinks or showers may be a sign of clogs. Just like sinks, tubs, and showers, these drains can start to clog due to soap residue buildup. Even with preventive maintenance, you may find that it’s not enough, especially if you wash a lot of clothes which produce lint, or which are soiled with greasy or oily substances such as kitchen towels or mechanic’s uniforms.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, then don’t take chances, give us a call today. S & D Plumbing has been helping homeowners in the greater Austin, TX area keep their drains clean and running great for years. Let us help keep your drains running properly, call us today before you have a real problem.

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