Water going down the drain

3 Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

Sewer Line Repair Sign One: Toilets are Overflowing Daily

If our residential or commercial property owners keep contacting us because a building’s toilets are overflowing on a daily basis, then we recommend having a sewer line inspection to determine if a hydro-jet cleaning process or cured-in-place pipe repair is required. These items frequently cause a clog that leads to serious problems in a sewer line:

• Grease
• Food particles
• Bathroom tissue
• Tree roots

When these items are inside a sewer line in the winter as temperatures drop, the materials also freeze and expand, leading to ruptured pipes that have cracks. Our Austin technicians can perform an inspection of a building’s sewer lines by using a camera that is inserted into a small hole. We are able to view the interior surface of the sewer line’s pipes to find the exact location of a clog to blast it away along with determining where the damage is located in order to make a repair.

Sewer Line Repair Sign Two: Foul Odors Emanating Inside and Outside a Building

A broken sewer line leaks a lot of nasty effluent underneath a building or into the soil outside. In addition to a steady flow of food debris that develops a rotten garbage odor, there is also volatile waste such as urine and feces. Our customers may notice a disgusting smell emanating from a building’s bathroom or kitchen plumbing fixtures. Alternatively, the spillage of waste may occur outside a building underneath the lawns, but it still creates a foul odor. When sewer lines are damaged, sewage may backwash into the building’s sinks and bathtubs, causing the air to have a terrible odor.

Sewer Line Repair Sign Three: Standing Water or Soft Soil on a Building’s Lawns

The moisture from filthy sewage might leak slowly underneath the ground on an Austin area building’s lawns, leading to standing water or soft soil. This water and soil is filthy from the dangerous pathogens contained in human waste and food garbage. Some of these pathogens include:

• Viruses
• Bacteria
• Parasites

Our Austin area plumbing company’s technicians can determine where the sewer lines are broken to perform a cured-in-place piping repair that does not require digging up an entire lawn. A trenchless sewer line repair is fast and noninvasive.

To learn more about the signs of needing a sewer line repair in Austin, TX, call S&D Plumbing today!