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The Top 3 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Watch for in 2016

If looking to remodel your Austin home,the bathroom is usually the easiest place to start. Bathroom remodeling is perhaps one of the simplest ways to add value to the home. The right upgrade can add value and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the often challenging, compact space. Here are the top 3 bathroom remodeling trends to watch for in 2016.

Transform Your Bathroom into Your Zen Space

Homeowners are making their bathrooms look more like a spa with these additions. Homeowners are making their homes more comfortable by giving them a dual purpose. The bathroom can feature strategically placed furniture if space permits. Recliners placed in the bathroom make the home much more of a space worthy of true relaxation. Comfy chairs with ottomans for master bathrooms with ample space offer a comfortable space for unwinding after a long day’s work. Remodeling the bathroom to create a spa experience makes for a comfy retreat in a home.

Vintage Revival Bathroom Design

Adding a vintage appeal to the bathroom is another 2016 trend. Impressive, eye-catching glass enclosures create a luxuriant feel. Striking tiles add a little bit of variety to the bland tiling in a home. Gold and experimental stone varieties create a unique appeal to a bathroom. Bold design decisions such as incorporating hardware into the bathroom make for a sprightly appearance. Livening up the bathroom with key vintage furniture pieces can have quite a transformative effect on a bathroom.

Greener is Better in 2016

Smart conservation techniques yield limitless savings for the typical homeowner. Homeowners can actually save money while investing in fixtures and key items designed to conserve water. Low flow toilets as well as dual flush toilets reduce the water consumption levels. In replacing aging toilets, individuals can complete an upgrade with meaning. Conservative estimates suggest a savings of .8 gallons per use.

A newly upgraded bathroom may be overdue. If so, homeowners can look to these top three remodeling trends. While some offer an opportunity to save, others offer the added advantage of increasing energy savings long-term after upgrades are completed. Some are surprised at just how significant a minor change can make in the feel of one’s Austin home overall.

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