Five Simple Ways To Cut Down Your Water Usage

Five Simple Ways To Cut Down Your Water Usage


Choose A Car Wash

Getting the car washed at home can be a fun experience, especially if parents involve their children in the task, but you have to consider the amount of water being used to wash the car.

It’s not unusual for the hose to continue running the entire time the car is being washed, which can take anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour or more. Those who choose to wash a car at home should use the water sparingly, or better yet, it’s a good idea to take the car to a car wash that uses recycled water.

Take Showers Instead Of Baths

It should be well known that baths take up too much water, so showers are a better idea. Always take showers instead of baths unless it’s absolutely necessary.

A shower may use 10-20 gallons of water or less, depending on how long the shower is, whereas a bath can easily use at least 30 gallons and up to 70 gallons, depending on the size of the tub. Showers can significantly reduce water use, but it’s also necessary to time a shower to reduce water usage even more.

Get A Low Flow Toilet

A low flow toilet is a great way to get rid of the waste in the toilet, without wasting water. Low flows are more efficient in water usage than the typical older toilets, which may use more water to flush the toilet, especially toilets that were made before 1992. Consider switching to a low flow toilet if you want to save on water usage.

Check For Any Leaks

Leaks around the house can be costing you a fortune on your water bill, especially if the leaks go for months or even years undetected. Even if a leak doesn’t cost you a lot of money, it’s still a waste of water and needs to be taken care of.

Have an Austin plumber check for leaks around the home if you suspect you have leaks, and get all leaks detected and fixed as soon as possible.

Water The Lawn In The Evening

If you truly want to save water, then watering the lawn in the evening after the sun has gone down is the best choice. Water easily evaporates under the sun, and if you want the lawn of your Austin home to benefit from the water it’s getting, then water the lawn at the right time.

Put savings in your pocket this month by cutting the water usage in your Austin, TX home. Call S&D Plumbing, and see how much you can save this month.

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