Why is My Toilet Running Continually?

Why is My Toilet Running Continually?


Toilets are amazing devices that allow us to live clean and convenient lives, so it’s no surprise that people get very nervous when things stop working properly. The good news is that while your runningtoilet is a nuisance, it’s also quite easy to fix, and it doesn’t mean that your toilet has to be replaced.

A Maladjusted Refill Tube

Two potential issues can cause problems with the refill tube, and to work properly, the tube should drain directly into the overflow tube, and it should be positioned right above the overflow tube. If one or both of these things aren't happening, this is the likely cause of your running toilet problem.

To fix this, trim the refill tube if necessary so that it’s just long enough to reach from the fill valve to the overflow tube. Then clip it in place, so it drains right down into the overflow tube.

Water Level That’s Too High

Too much water in the tank can cause a running toilet because water will always be spilling into the overflow tube. Have a look at the level of the water in the tank: it should be 0.5 to one inch lower than the overflow tube. Lower the water if necessary by performing an adjustment to the float. The way to do this will depend on the type of toilet you have:

Float arm adjustment: Adjust the screw attaching the float arm to the fill valve. Adjust the screw until the float begins to lower, and this will reduce the amount of water in the tank.

Float column adjustment: Loosen the screw or loosen the clip on the column to manually lower the float on the fill valve column. This will lower the water level in the tank.

Funky Flapper

The flapper is a very simple rubber device that acts like a plug in the tank drain, and a faulty one can cause your toilet to run. Replacing the flapper will fix the issue. Remove the old one and replace it with a brand new flapper, either a universal one or one fitted for your toilet.

Reconnect the chain, position the flapper over the drain, and connect the flapper to the pins on the overflow tube. Make sure the chain isn't so long that it gets stuck under the flapper.

To discuss your running toilet, these solutions, or any other plumbing problems you may be having, call the experts today.

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