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Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

Your Austin home garbage disposal is a great thing that saves a lot of people a lot of the time. However, it can also be a burden for those who are not prepared to prevent the potential disasters that can come with a garbage disposal.

A few simple tips can help most people avoid these issues.

Using A Sink Strainer

A sink strainer is a great tool for catching the large food particles that may try to escape down the drain.

It is essentially going to catch anything that would have been too large to go down into the disposal thus preventing that from happening and saving the Austin homeowner from having a disaster on their hands.

Running Cold Water With Disposal

Sometimes one should take the simple preventative step of running cold water through the garbage disposal as they use it.

This helps keep things moving through the disposal the way that they are supposed to. At the same time, do not allow this to lull you into the false sense that you can simply put more and more waste down the disposal. That is not the case.

Certain Foods Cannot Go Down The Disposal

There are certain types of foods that are on the "no-go" list when it comes to the garbage disposal. These are foods that simply will clog up the system and cause problems virtually any time they end up in the disposal.

Some of the foods that are on this list are pastas, egg shells, and bones. The egg shells and bones may seem like obvious things to avoid putting down the disposal, but the pastas need to stay out as well.

This is because pasta expands with water and can therefore clog up the drain as well.

Whenever the clog gets drained for any reason, it is time to call in a professional. They know what to do to get it unstuck and back to full operating potential once again.

Those who make any attempt to fix the problem on their own often end up making matters worse because they do not know what they are doing, and they can cause deeper malfunctions in the system.

Don't get clogged up this Thanksgiving in your Austin, TX home, call S&D Plumbing today!