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The History of the Toilet

The toilet is an item in our home that we are all familiar with. This is one of the main fixtures in our bathroom, plain and simple. We would not be able to live or function without one of these structures.

However, many homeowners do not know the real history behind the toilet. There is a lot more to it than you would think.

The Beginning

The earliest history of the toilet goes back to 3,000 B.C.E. Then, the Scottish used stone huts as their toilets, building them with drains.

While nothing is certain, many historians have come to the conclusion that these huts were ultimately used for waste. In 1,7000 B.C.E., the toilets became a bit more advanced as Crete's Palace of Knossos actually featured these items.

The toilets at that point were large pans that were linked through pipes directly to a water source.

Later Times

As time went on, the toilet began evolving. In 1596, England's Sir John Harrington actually put out the Metamorphosis of Ajax.

Throughout this publication, references of a water closet have been made. This water closet involved water being released by a valve straight into the toilet bowls.

Basically, Harrington had created what we know today as the flush. Queen Elizabeth I put this newly created invention in her home. However, it wasn't until 1796 when the flushable toilet became mainstream.

That's because Alexander Cummings developed the S-shaped pipe right underneath the toilet basin. This was crucial in getting rid of unwanted odors.

Modern Times

During the 20th century, the bathroom technology really grew into what we know and love today. This includes inventing the flushable valves as well as water tanks that rest on top of the bowl. Throughout this time, toilet paper rolls were even created.

These paper rolls became heavily marketed, as everyone and anyone needed them in their homes.

Then, in 1994, Congress put out the Energy Policy Act. In this act, it became a requirement that the common flush toilets had to use 1.6 gallons of water. This amount is half of what was being used in the past.

Thanks to this act, a lot of water was being saved in households all over the world.

Today, there is even a national "World Toilet Day" thanks to the United Nations. This day happens every November 19th to raise awareness for this fixture.

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