Man using a wrench on a pipe

Repiping Services: How Do I Know if I Need Repiping Job or a Pipe Repair Job?

Having a plumbing system that serves your needs at home is not only expensive but comes with a catch. A plumbing system that is neglected and lacking proper maintenance can wreck havoc in your property.

So, when and how do you determine if your plumbing system needs repair or maintenance?

And how do you choose between repairing the pipes and repiping the entire system? Here are some techniques.

What Are Some Signs to Repipe?

If you have low water pressure or rusty colored water flowing from the taps, it is time to make some minor repairs to your plumbing pipes. May be the problem is due to the pipes reacting with mineral deposits on the inner lining. It could also be due to debris collected in the pipes.

Either way, calling a professional plumber to flush out these deposits and debris will solve the problem. But what if the the pipes are leaking and flooding the basement? It is time to repipe the unit as the old pipes may be damaged somewhere due to aging and other factors.

Not to mention, if you live in hilly areas, any structural problem to your home will cause pipe breakage, which is an indication that your pipes need repiping. However, note that repairing a pipe is easier and more affordable than repiping.

But things get out of hand and repiping in inevitable you have no other options. Moreover, repairing and doing patch work to a pipe will not always guarantee proper functioning of the pipes. Where repiping is needed and recommended, it is best to go for it.

Are Older Homes More Vulnerable?

Additionally, older homes may have pipes that were made of lead which causes serious health hazards to children and seniors.

When this is the case, repiping provides a safe heaven. Although the thought of repiping is overwhelming, if you ignore certain issues, your house is prone to massive water damage and mold.

Will This Affect my Daily Home Routine?

Repiping and repair work on your plumbing system will surely affect your daily home routine but not for too long. Remember that, all the time spent on the repair or repiping work by a professional is always worth it.

Meanwhile, a true plumbing expert will guide you through the process and make the task more easier and understandable for you.

How Long Does a Repiping Job Take?

A repiping job is more complex in nature compared to repairing the pipes. In an ideal circumstance, a repiping work will take anywhere from 1 day to 3 days.

In some cases where the building is large and plumbing system is hard to access, repiping may take around a week to complete.

Not sure if you need a repiping job or a pipe repair job in your Austin home? Call S&D Plumbing today, and get the right answers from the best experts.