What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?

What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?


What is Hydrojetting?

Hydro-jet cleaning is the use of a high-pressure stream of water to get rid of debris, grease, or anything else that may have built up in the sewer lines and tanks. It is similar to power washing. Hydro-jetting uses ultra-high water pressure of between 7,000 PSI and 60,000 PSI to ensure anything that may be in your drains are removed and your drains and waste tanks are clean. Many people like hydro-jet cleaning because it is the most effective way to remove blockages, trash, and any other type of buildup in the sewer lines. Hydro-jetting does this without doing any damage to the sewer lines.

Hydro Jetting Grease

Hydro-jetting is one of the most effective ways to clear grease out of your sewer lines. Over time grease can build up in the sewer lines in a home or business. The grease sticks to the pipe and can eventually create clogs. Using cables only removes a small amount of the grease and it quickly builds up again. Our hydro-jetting equipment and techniques enables us to remove virtually all the grease and leave your sewer lines almost as clean and clear as when they were first installed. This will leave the pipes in your home or business flowing properly for a very long time.

Hydro Jetting Debris

Clogs caused by debris are another problem home and business owners often have with their sewer lines. Each day small amounts of debris get into your sewer lines. Sometimes the debris enters the sewer system through the kitchen or bathroom sink or the toilet. Using a snake or other cable type cleaners will not completely clear the clogs caused by debris. Our hydro-jetting system can. The wide, high-powered stream of water is very effective for complexly flushing out your sewer pipes and removing all the debris no matter how long the pipes are.

Hydro Jetting Roots
Roots in the sewer line can be a particularly difficult problem to solve. They can puncture sewer lines and help grease and debris to build up and form clogs. It is very hard to remove roots. Plus if they are not completely removed, they will soon grow back and cause the sewer pipes to crack, leak or even burst. Cable machines simply punch holes in the roots to allow the water to flow out. Hydro-jetting completely removes all roots and leave your sewer pipes clear for years.

Stop waiting for the perfect time to take care of your home’s drains and call S & D Plumbing today for Hydrojetting services in the Austin area!

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