Water going down the drain

Reasons To Get A Garbage Disposal Unit For Your Home

There are a few great reasons to consider having a garbage disposal installed in your home. First and foremost, and probably the most obvious, is that a garbage disposal will significantly cut down on your wet trash.Perishable garbage in your bin can attract flies and other bugs, or even curious pet dogs and cats who might make a mess of things trying to get at a morsel of food. A bin filled with wet garbage can also make for an awkward and potentially filthy trip out to the curb. Lessening your perishable trash will help keep the inside of your garbage bin, and your home, bacteria and pest free as well as safer for your pets.

Another reason for a disposal, one that is perhaps not so obvious, is that a garbage disposal is more eco-friendly. Perishable garbage that doesn't become broken up in a disposal, recycled, or composted, will wind up in garbage bags atop a landfill. Aside from using more garbage bags to dispose of trash that could have gone down the disposal, these piles of bagged food release harmful methane, one of the most damaging greenhouse gasses, into the atmosphere as well as leaching acidic liquid into the earth where it may contaminate groundwater. When used properly, a garbage disposal can significantly lessen your home's carbon footprint.

Last but not least, a garbage disposal is easier over time on your drains. Sinks without a disposal tend to gather bits of food which can eventually clog and damage your pipes. Most of the food we throw away is 70% water, with fibrous materials making up only a small portion. Those fibrous materials, if not broken down by a disposal, can create a real problem for a drain over time. A garbage disposal helps to ensure that all perishable food is blended up thoroughly, reducing the likelihood of pipe clogs and keeping your drains running free and clear.

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