Water coming out of a faucet

What causes my faucets to drip?

There are some calls to plumbers and plumbing companies that tend to come about time and time again. In fact, one of the most often asked questions is why faucets tend to drip over time or just start dripping at random. There are various reasons why a faucet can drop, but there are some common reasons why and as such, those are all issues that can easily be handled by professional plumbers. Because even though an issue may seem to be a quick fix that can be done at home; plumbing issues should always be addressed by professionals to ensure the work is always done right and in a complete manner.

Faucets can drip because washers warp and rot over time. This can happen almost overnight for some people, as those little drops of water that get inside of faucets create weak spots that simply come apart one day and thus is creates a drip.

One other common issue are handled that have warped or worn out over time and thus they do not go to the off position as tightly as they should and thus this too causes faucets to drip.

Yet another issue, and one that is typically caused by improper care is dirt and debris lodged in the faucet handles or even up in the faucet itself. This too can cause dripping to occur.

The key thing to keep in mind with all faucet drips and leaks is that even though they could be an easy issue to fix; they may also signify a larger issue that is not visible. This is where the use of a plumber comes in to play as they know exactly what to look for when those quick fixes do not solve the issue and thus it becomes a much larger one that needs to be handled in the right manner.

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