Want to Improve the Quality of Your Water?

Want to Improve the Quality of Your Water?


Homeowners find that they may have water issues right from the moment they build their new home or perhaps move into one. This is because not all water is the same, even though it seems like such a common thing. One of the top complaints by homeowners is the issue of hard water. This is because when one has groundwater that is brought into the home via a well water system or even a public water system, there is a chance it can be filled with additional minerals and thus deemed to be hard. Water softeners are the ideal solutions for homeowners who want to improve the quality of their home's water.

The majority of people realize they have hard water in a short period of time or perhaps it takes them longer as they are not sure what it actually means. The keys to determining hard water, beyond water quality testing, are when clothes are not clean from the laundry as they should be, shampoo never lathers quite right and even after bathing, one has soap residue on their body. these are perhaps the top telltale signs of hard water.

The top way to treat hard water is through the use of a water softener. This is because it is a cost-effective approach to an issue that will never actually go away. To solve the problem, one needs to have a plumbing firm install water softening tanks in the home. The top choice is a whole house system and that involves having a plumber attach a tank to the main source of water for the home. Then, the tank is filled with commercially available pellets. These are designed to treat hard water and the way they work is simple. The water enters the home and flows into the tank, it passed through those pellets that absorb that excess calcium and magnesium and thus removes those hard minerals. Then the softened water is moved on to the rest of the house as needed. The pellets get changed on a regular basis so they are always working well and thus water softeners are the top way to handle hard water issues without much interruption, expense or disruption to the home.

If hard water is affecting you and your Austin home, contact S&D Plumbing.

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