Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain

Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


Drain cleaners that you might find at your local retail or home improvement store may seem like a great convenience to have around the house in the event that any of your sink, tub, or toilet drains get clogged. They may be cheap, easy to use, and somewhat reliable, but before you decide to pour them down your drains, there are a few reasons you may want to reconsider doing so.

First of all, while chemical draining solutions may get the job done for some minor clogs in your drain, there are some drainage issues that they will not fix. Chances are that when your drains are clogged, you probably don't know what's clogging them. Not knowing whether the clog in your drain is being caused by small build-ups of waste products, or by major objects that are stuck far down in the pipes could mean you're taking a big risk by using a chemical drain cleaner. You never want a chemical drain cleaner in your pipes in the event of a sewage backup due to the hazards that it could pose, so you may want to consider some of these unknowns before you use one.

You also should not use a chemical drain cleaner due to the damage that it could cause to your sinks, tubs, or pipes. While these chemicals used in the cleaner may be powerful enough to eat away and destroy the foreign objects that are clogging up your pipes, they're also powerful enough to eat away at the pipes themselves. The chemicals could cause rust and corrosion down in your pipes, especially if use them frequently in your drains, and the rust and corrosion could cause leaks, or in some cases breaks in your pipes. Since you probably don't want to have to replace your pipes, you're probably better off not using chemical drain cleaners for this reason.

Finally, you also shouldn't use chemical drain cleaners due to health and safety risks that they pose.If a chemical drain cleaner accidentally came into contact with your clothing, skin, eye, or if you inhale the fumes, it could cause serious or fatal health problems. You should never mix chemical drain cleaners with other household cleaners and always keep them out of reach of children.

Instead of using a chemical drain cleaner it is always best to call a professional plumbing company when your drains are clogged because they will find the problem and address it the right way.

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