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Why Should I Install a Garbage Disposal?

As homeowners know, the better the appliances the better value the home will be after the improvements. When a person looks into getting a home they look at the new appliances and improvements that have been made to the home. Adding a garbage disposal to a home may seem like a non factor but it does in fact make a big difference on the value on the home. Even if the home has a garbage disposal, a new disposal can also be an improvement to a homes value.

New Disposal Vs The Old Disposal

The older garbage disposals do not have the features and capabilities that the newer models have which raises the price of the home. Any type of updated appliances from a ceiling fan to the garbage disposal will raise the price of a home for its new features and capabilities that older models do not posses.

The newer disposals offer a bit more safety as opposed to the older models. The newer models offer a continuous feed/batch feed system which offer different ways you can add the food to the disposal. In addition to this the batch feed adds more safety to the owner whom is adding food to the disposal.

One big reason the new disposal can add value to the to the home is due to the grind stages of the newer disposals. The newer disposals add grind stages that will help to break down the food better than the old disposals. By having the food broken down to a finer state it will help keep your septic tank or sewer system in a better condition. A lot of the older disposals allow food to fill and cause issues with their septic tanks and sewage systems thus causing more money in repair. For a new home owner this would be worth the raise in the value of the home due to disposal that will save them money for sewage related issues.

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