Modern bathroom

Reasons To Hire A Plumber To Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodels are usually something that the average homeowner isn’t equipped to handle. It doesn’t matter if you’ve watched every episode of Home Time, Run My Renovation, or live on the DYI Channel they are often filled with little surprises. Bathroom remodels typically don’t happen in newer homes so right out of the chute you’re dealing with plumbing that was in code when the house was built and may not be anymore. A plumber can look at the job and tell you what going to be required to bring your project up to code. He can also tell what’s going to be necessary to make any conversions from old plumbing to the new plumbing. He is also up to date on the latest plumbing codes and can deliver you a written estimate before beginning work. Oh and a biggie they are usually insured so if something goes wrong it’s covered.

Now let’s look at the homeowner doing the same job. He has a picture in his mind as to what he wants to do, perhaps a crude drawing. He makes a list, heads to either the plumbing supply, or big box DYI Store to purchase his supplies. He gets home and realizes he has forgotten something, so its back he goes.

A plumber isn’t surprised when he comes upon work that isn’t quite up to par and can quickly make it right. The homeowner doesn’t know plumbing code so he isn’t familiar with having to upgrade from steel pipe to copper or CPVC. The plumber does things like this for a living and usually can wrap the job up in a far shorter time than the homeowner. The plumber also has helpers who are also trained and know what to do to assist the plumber. The homeowner has to take time off work, and should he come upon an issue that takes more time will have to extend his time off. The homeowner, unless he's from a large family, has to rely on friends if he needs helpers.

Bottom line, you wouldn’t try doing brain surgery if you’re not a not a surgeon, why would you risk working on your biggest investment without the knowledge of a trained professional?

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