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Is your sump pump in need of maintenance?

Homeowners with basements rely on their sump pumps to keep them dry. Nothing is worse than coming home to find out your basement flooded during a rainstorm. If you do not get the problem fixed right away, it can cause you to incur large repair expenses on down the line. However, sump pumps usually do not cause any problems for homeowners. They tend to work quietly and efficiently for years. However, they do need some maintenance done on them now and then to keep them working on without interruption.

Unfortunately, some homeowners wait until theirs stops working before they decides their sump pump needs attention. They may not even notice the pump is not working until they start seeing water standing in the basement. It is a good idea to have your sump pump looked at least once a year. The following are signs that your sump pump needs maintenance services now.

Bad smells or odors coming up from the basement is a sure sign your pump needs servicing. One reason for the smell is mold and mildew growth. It means the water not being pumped out like it should. Another sign is a loud mechanical noise that is not normal during the times the pump is operating. This can mean that something got caught inside the pump and is clogging the pump. You should not hear loud noises when you turn the pump on.

Another good sign that you need maintenance services is a sump pump that freezes up. This can also happen if something clogs the pump. This could mean that silt has built up on the liner. A malfunctioning valve is another sign for the need for maintenance or repairs. When you see a buildup of lime on the pump it means it is time for maintenance too. If you have not had your sump pump serviced for a while now, why not call for maintenance services today?

If the sump pump in your Austin home is acting up, contact S & D Plumbing and schedule a service call with one of our experts today!