Why You Should Not to Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner to Unclog a Drain

Why You Should Not to Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner to Unclog a Drain


Most people don’t worry about their drains until a clog develops. Many individuals want to avoid paying for the services of a plumber. They will then attempt to fix the clog on their own. The purchase and use of a chemical drain cleaning solution to remove the clog is usually what happens. Not enough people realize that doing this can do their pipes more harm than good.

Health Hazard: There are many situations where chemical drain cleaning products create unhealthy fumes that can irritate a person and be poisonous. It’s unfortunate that many individuals do not read the entire label and don’t follow all of the instructions pertaining to hazardous warnings. Improper use of a chemical drain cleaner can cause health problems.

Corrosion: The chemicals contained within a drain cleaning solution are designed to be strong enough to cut through hair, grease and more. The downside it they are corrosive and can damage pipes. If they are used regularly over a period of time, the piping will eventually have to be replaced.

Environmental Hazard: Portions of chemical drain cleaners always make their way into water sources and ground areas. The containers used for packaging will always have tiny amounts of the chemical solution left in them. This can cause problems when they’re taken to a landfill.

Not Always Effective: There are many times when people could purchase and use a chemical drain cleaner only to discover it doesn’t unclog their pipes. Pipes can be clogged for a variety of reasons and not just because of a build-up of grease or other items. When this happens there is probably a tree root that has caused the back-up in the drain. Removing this will require the services of a professional with specialized equipment.

Fixture Damage: Chemical drain cleaning solutions contain strong acids. Should any of it get onto the sinks or bathtubs it will destroy the enamel-based finished. This type of damage requires the item to be replaced. It has also been known to dissolve certain types of metal and create hole in brass traps.

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