How To Handle a Plumbing Emergency

How To Handle a Plumbing Emergency


No one is ever prepared for a plumbing emergency when this happens you must quickly take care of it. If you do not you will suffer water damage that will simply cost more money to repair and replace. A plumbing professional has the experience to find exactly where the leak is coming from even if it inside a ceiling.

In the event a pipe becomes broken due to freezing, sometimes pieces can be repaired in sections but you must call a plumber for this repair. An epoxy lining can also be used to fix a small leak. This lining is inserted into the broken pipe which then forms a seal through the rest of the pipe. For small holes or broken seals inside a pipe, epoxy linings are often done and work well.

Another emergency plumbing situation can be when a sump pump breaks and causes flooding. This pump could be slowly draining due to the avoidance of needed maintenance. If you are not aware of a deteriorating sump pump you could find your home basement flooded and expensive repairs. When this happens you should call a plumber as soon as possible so they can replace the sump pump or make repairs.

Occasionally a clogged drain can be repaired quickly by using a plunger or using a chemical drain cleaner (be sure to read the directions first). However if the drain is still slow then you must call a plumber as they have the knowledge and proper tools for repairs. Once a plumber is called they may need to use a line camera which is inserted down into the drain so they can see the clog. When the clog is located, the repair can be done. In some cases hydro jetting or using a snake tool may be used to clear a clog. Since plumbers see these types of drain emergencies every day, they have the know-how and proper equipment to quickly make repairs.

Sometimes trying to fix plumbing emergencies yourself will only make the problem worst and using harsh chemicals to clear up a drain could cause further damage. Do you need a reliable plumber in the Austin area? Contact S & D Plumbing and let us handle your plumbing needs!

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