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Benefits Of A High Efficiency Tankless Water Heater

There are two main reasons for replacing your existing water heater with a modern, high efficiency tankless water heater: Comfort, and

A tankless water heater is essentially a "demand" heater; it heats water as you need it so you never run out. Unlike a conventional water heater with its large tank of water kept hot by an electric heating element or a gas flame, a tankless heater uses a relatively small heating coil to heat the water. When a tap is turned on the tankless water heater senses the flow of water and turns on the heating element or flame, quickly heating the water as it passes through the heating coil. When the tap is turned off, the flow stops and the heating element or flame is shut off. Consequently, you have an unending supply of hot water. You are not limited to the water in a tank and you do not have to wait for water to heat after using up all the hot water, as you do with a conventional water heater.

This comes at a price, but it is less than you might think, especially if your existing water heater is nearing replacement age or utility costs are high in your area. The installed retrofit cost of a typical tankless water heater can be as much as double the cost of a tank-type. However, you can also realize a substantial savings in utility costs than could more than offset the price differential. Remember, you are only heating water as you use it, rather than paying to heat and keep hot a lot of water sitting in a tank. The California Energy Commission states that approximately 25% of average household utility costs go to heating water. With an energy-efficient tankless water heater you can slash that cost. The reduction in monthly energy bills as well as the comfort and convenience of endless hot water also increases the value and desirability of your home to potential buyers.

So is a tankless water heater a good idea for you? Consider the costs and benefits and make an informed decision. Contact S & D Plumbing today for immediate service and set up an appointment today!