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Things to know about trenchless sewer pipe repairs

Nearly every single homeowner has looked out across their beautiful lawn and at some point realized that just below the surface is an incredibly expensive problem just waiting to happen. It is a common worry among homeowners. The sewer lines that run under your property are usually pretty quiet and out of the way; but once they go, they go big. Replacement can be costly and in the past required your entire yard to be destroyed to get to the problem and pipework underneath.

Enter trenchless sewer pipe repair.Once an emergency occurs and pipes need to be replaced, a new option has become popular in the last decade to resolve the problem in a much less destructive and often cheaper method, the trenchless method. Trenchless sewer pipe repair comes in two basic flavors, “pipe lining” and “pipe bursting”. Both have their uses and your plumber can discuss which one is appropriate with you.

In pipe lining, a smaller diameter flexible tube is pushed into the hard pipes you already have underground. This new soft pipe is coated with heavy-duty resin that is lubricating the new tube as it wiggles it way into your old system. Once in place the tube is inflated with air and the resin that was once wet, slowly begins to dry. Once dry it becomes hard as a rock and serves as a brand new pipe for your sewage system. Ingenious!

The second method, pipe bursting, still involves pulling a new pipe through the old one, but this time instead of just snaking its way through the pipe it actually destroys the old one as it works its way through. Thus the ‘burst’ portion of the method name. This will still require a bit of digging, but only a fraction as much as would be required with traditional methods.

Both methods are generally considered to be equally effective and they usually come with a warranty that will cover the installation from anywhere between 10 and 50 years. Speak with your plumber to find out exactly what you will expect. Worry no more and avoid the disruption and destruction of your home with a cost effective, less risky solution today!

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