Man using a wrench on a pipe

Is your plumbing up to speed?

Rising water bills are becoming all too common for businesses nowadays. What’s most unusual about this is that it is occurring without changes in water consumption. If you are experiencing this then there’s a strong possibility you could have a water leak in your system.

Water leaks are not unusual and unless you are paying close attention to your water, a leak could persist for months without being detected. Now that government policy is being reflected with building regulations and standards of sustainability establishments like BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) that demand the decrease of mains water consumption, it is now vital that viable and public establishments become more environmental friendly and focus on their bottom line as well. Considering that a miniature size hole at least 3mm could result in the lost of thousands of liters of water a day, just imagine how much you’re losing in a month or annually, then calculate the costs.

Water leaks could also create a public health issue due to the possibility of contamination entering the water supply from holes in leaky pipes. This becomes a serious issue for commercial businesses, however what if this happens to occur in schools, hospitals or hotels where consumers are using large quantities of water every day, now it poses a serious health danger. How can this problem be prevented or solved?

A leak detection service is essential for identifying, locating and repairing a faulty water system. By adding this service you are creating a huge annual savings while also allowing your business to flourish. By simple monitoring the system regularly you are ensuring that premature leak detection is keeping water loss at the least amount possible, and continuous savings.

Experienced engineers are now utilizing state-of-the-art leak detection technologies like thermal imagery, CCTV and digital correlation methods for locating leaks. These systems can detect underground leaks and shrink disruption above ground by analyzing and facilitating a single point of excavation. Consistent monitoring of basically any water system, large or small is worth consideration as it allows for instant response to leakage as it occurs.

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