Water going down the drain

Is your drain flowing smoothly?

All types of drains within the home need to be regularly cleaned, especially during the summer, in order to prevent the occurrence of any plumbing problems. These include drains in the bathrooms and bathroom as well as the sewer pipes. The key benefits of a summer drain cleaning include the following:

The drains especially those in the bathroom have to be regularly cleaned mainly because hair tends to get into the drainage pipes thereby leading to blockage. Apart from cleaning the drains, it’s important to use a screen that can be used in preventing hair or other substances from entering the drain.

To minimize on the number of plumbing problems in the house, one is advised to also at least clean their kitchen drains at least once during the summers. This is because despite having lots of the wastes go to the trash bin, there are usually loads of other minute food substances that get to enter the kitchen drain and if not cleaned as required, may cause blockage.

Also, there may be problems that are caused as a result of minerals. During the summer, the last thing one needs to do is lack enough water supply in their homes. To prevent this, one has to ensure that their plumbing pipes are regularly cleaned or replaced. This is because occurrence of minerals such as calcium on pipes may lead to a decrease in water pressure or problems with the heaters.

It’s also during the summer that the trees grow more leading their roots to expand. At such, the roots may easily clog the drain pipes if the sewer if not regularly checked. By cleaning them, the expansion of roots is prevented hence prohibiting the blockage of pipes.

Summertime further results to more rainwater entering through the cracks into the sewer pipes. This may cause a lot of damage to the sewer lines and to prevent this from happening, it’s best to have them checked by a professional plumber during this time. And though the cost may be a bit expensive, it’s much reasonable than having to get them replaced when the damage is beyond repair.

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