Water Heater

Need a new water heater?

There are only two primary types of water heaters: storage and tankless. Every consumer should know the major differences between the two before buying.

Storage water heaters are considered the standard for various individuals and businesses. The components of the storage water heater are very similar to the tankless water heaters, except for the case that the hot water is kept in a storage tank. Operationally, most storage water heaters manage a constant water temperature ranging between 105-140 degrees Fahrenheit in the tank. Therefore, the heating element or burner is turned on and off to manage the storage water’s hot temperature.

The tankless water heater consists of a box that is mounted on the wall. It houses a heating element or burner, internal piping, and various controls. When its in operation, the water heater is in use only when there is a need for the water. While the water is being demanded from the water heater, it has a flow sensor that activates the heating element or burner.

Each water heater has its benefits and disadvantages. Some advantages of the storage water heater include low cost, smaller power requirements, and it is easily adaptable to solar applications. Some disadvantages include limited hot water supply, and energy is used all the time to keep the storage tank temperature steady. The advantages of the tankless water heater include unlimited water supply, no accident of a ruptured tank, and energy is used only when needed. The disadvantages include high cost, limited water flow, recirculation appliances are not implemented easily, and it wastes more water. In addition, tankless water heaters are made for more large volume places such as car washes or laundromats.

The buildup of lime is also a problem for water heaters, particularly with an environment of hard water. The lime buildup occurs overall time, and the result is loss of effectiveness in the water heater technology. Tankless water heaters are more susceptible to lime buildup than storage water heaters.

The use of storage water heaters and tankless waters have their share of advantages and disadvantages. It is important for people to really research the various water heater technologies before making a costly decision.

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