Technological Advances In Water Leak Detection

Technological Advances In Water Leak Detection


Water leak detection is a crucial aspect of achieving environmental sustainability in your Lexington home. When you lose water you lose money. The better your detection equipment the more time and money you can save. Today we have correlators, noise loggers, and a lot more technological advances for detecting water leaks.

There are some excellent water leak locating systems out there. Some are quite inexpensive like analog listening sticks. Others are more sophisticated like digital handheld leak detectors. These types of detectors have been designed to work in nearly any possible scenario or environment.

A noise logger gives a leak detection specialist the ability to watch and monitor larger water networks over long periods of time. A noise logger is a combination of a wireless transmitter and a receiver system. These can be used on pipes, valves, meters, and many other fittings. They measure leakage noise and have the capacity to store over 240,000 measurement and then transmit those measurements to a specific mobile unit via wireless technology.

There are life pressure loggers that have been optimized to suit the water supply industry. They carry a battery life of 10 years and play a crucial role in delivering necessary data needed for the delivery of crucial water supplies going to both industry and residences.

It was not so long ago that plumbing and water supply work was not so sophisticated and lots of time and money was lost.

A leak noise correlator gives utility contractors the right kind of technology for detecting leaks and for trace pipe topography. It can analyze audio frequencies within the pipes and detect frequencies that have the characteristics of leaks. It can display that information immediately via wireless technology and it can be viewed and easily read on an LCD.

S & D Plumbing will like to remind you that early leak detection is a key factor to avoid future costly repairs.

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