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How to Maintain Your Sewer Lines Free of Clogs or Debris

For homeowners in Austin, TX, nothing is more frustrating than having sinks that constantly clog, toilets that overflow, or sewer lines that backup. Whether you are addressing an emergency or looking to avoid a plumbing problem in the future, one of the best ways to manage this is to maintain your sewer lines to be free of clogs or debris. This is something that is relatively simple for homeowners to take advantage of when they are willing to take the time and make the investment into this home maintenance requirement. To help you identify how you can maintain your sewer lines free of clogs or debris, take the following steps.

Be Aware of What You Are Disposing
The first step to helping you maintain your sewer lines free of clogs and debris is to be aware of what you are disposing of. Many individuals consider a toilet bowl or bathtub drain as a source of disposal for a variety of liquids or the chemicals. It is important to recognize the items you flush or pour down drains are not simply disposed of but can remain in lines for years. Make sure you are not disposing of non-biodegradable material such as paper towels and utilize showers and toilets for what they are specifically designed for.

Avoid Utilizing Chemical Cleansers
Another step you can take to help you maintain your sewer lines is to avoid utilizing chemical cleaners. Harsh chemicals can damage pipes over time which will result in buildup that is difficult to get rid of. When you have a clog that needs to be addressed, instead of purchasing a bottle of chemicals that can do damage to your plumbing contact a professional plumber to have it removed and the pipe properly cleaned.

Take Advantage of Annual Cleaning
The final step is to take advantage of an annual cleanings to maintain your pipes to avoid clogs and debris. Pipes need to be cleaned on a regular basis because they will build up different elements that can limit the function of the pipes and eventually cause damage. Annual cleanings are a smart investment to protect your home and maintain the positive condition of your pipes and sewer lines.

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