Have you kept up with your gas line?

Have you kept up with your gas line?


Many people do not consider the dangers that gas lines can pose. It is easy to overlook the importance of an annual gas line maintenance service call. Failure to do so could cause many household issues and complications.

Gas makes breathing difficult and the smell is very heavy and strong. You can hear the gas escape from the gas line if you get close enough to the actual leak. If you suspect a leak, you first need to get everyone out of the house. Never call for maintenance from within the house with the gas leak. Use a neighbor's phone or a cell phone once everyone is removed from the house. It is also not recommended to use the lights during a gas leak because of further potential dangers such as sparks.

With gas leaks there are always risks of fire or even explosions. Carbon monoxide poisoning happens frequently as well. Carbon monoxide is hard to detect because it is colorless and odorless. Many home owners do not even notice there is a leak. The only way to diminish the risk is to find the leak. However, to prevent this problem completely, it is best to have an annual maintenance service.

A maintenance professional does so much more than just service the stove. Dryers, the water heater, and any other heating devices will be serviced as well because they could use propane gas or natural gas. As an appliance gets older, the pipe seal can be weakened thus making gas leaks possible. To ignite the gas, some devices use a spark. They will not work properly when there is a gas leak. If someone forgets to turn off the gas knob, gas can potentially escape.

Gas can travel from outside to inside the house from piping that is located underneath the house. Gas can easily escape into the house when the seals on the pipes become weakened or faulty. This usually will happen with time.

It is very unsafe to ignore the need for an annual gas line maintenance service call. It will be far more problematic, costly, and even life threatening to deal with a gas leak once it is already occurring. Are you looking for gas leak detection services in the Austin area? Contact S & D Plumbing and schedule a service call today!

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