Water Heater

Is Switching to a Tankless Water Heater a Worthwhile Investment?

Did you know that 30 percent of a home's energy budget is used just to heat up water? With so many companies out there claiming that a tankless water heater could help cut down on your energy bill, is it time to make the switch? If you are asking this question than you are not alone. Many people wonder if installing a tankless water heater will not only truly save them money on their energy bills, but if it will provide them with a sufficient amount of hot water, as well. Following are some answers that may help you out.

Are They More Efficient?

After a test was conducted that put up a gas tank-less water heater versus a gas water heater with a tank, the results came out as no surprise. The water heater that didn't use a tank was 22 percent more efficient than the water heater that had a tank. Since heating up water in your home is about 30 percent of your energy bill, approximately one-fifth of that 30 percent would come out as a six percent decrease in the cost of your energy bill each month.

Do They Work As Well?

Tankless water heaters work much better than water heaters that include a tank! In fact, many owners usually make the claim that they have an "endless supply of hot water." This is not an exaggeration, as you aren't relying on how much water your tank can hold. Instead, the water is being heated moments before coming out of the pipe at the other end, which means that as long as you have water, you have hot water. The main downside is the fact that sometimes temperatures can be uneven. These types of water heaters use cold water to help regulate the temperature, which can sometimes wait around in the pipe and will come out randomly after the water has been turned on.


It will take several years for the savings in your energy bill to make up for how much your water heater costs, but over time it will save you a substantial amount of money. Tankless water heaters are definitely worth the installation and usage!

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