Water coming out of a faucet

Water Softening vs. Water Filtration System

Water softeners and a water filtration systems both have their own distinct advantages. One makes your home life a little easier while the other can actually help you stay healthy. Water softeners remove minerals that would otherwise make your water hard. A water filtration system removes harmful elements in dirty water to make it clean.

Most of the benefits associated withwater softeners just make certain aspects of daily life simpler. Possibly the best thing about these softeners is the increase in appliance life. Any appliance that uses a water source will improve. Minerals can build up inside these machines and decrease durability and performance.

Softeners also make cleaning easier and heat your water faster. Soap scum and residue can leave streaks and spots on your dishes. Soft water rinses this residue off much easier. You also require a smaller amount of soap or detergent as well. Water heaters have an easier time heating soft water as opposed to soft. Studies show that you can increase your heaters efficiency by almost 30 percent when using a softener.

Water filtration systems can be great for your health. They remove bacteria and viruses that may cause an illness. Some systems can remove things such as E. coli, while stronger systems can even remove a virus like Hepatitis A. Unnatural elements that get into your water can be filtered out also. Harmful chemicals found in water can lead to an increased threat of certain types of cancer. Water filtration can reduce that risk, if not eliminate it all together.

Aside from the health benefits, a filtration system can improve the quality and taste of your water too. It can remove particles that impede the taste and smell of your water. Many times, this is caused by small pieces of metal from your plumbing system. It can also act much like a water softener. It can prevent build up of minerals that may affect your appliances. It will also help you maintain a balanced PH level. The more balanced your PH is, and the softer it is, the water will be of better quality.

Not sure which system is best for you? The S&D Plumbing Specialist will help you make the right choice for your Georgetown home.