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Let S & D Plumbing Handle Your Plumbing Issue!

Your plumbing system plays a key role in the overall comfort and functionality of your home. Proper maintenance is important to ensure that your home’s plumbing is working as it should all year-round. Knowing the signs of an issue, and having a plumber at the ready when such issues arise, is extremely beneficial for both homeowner and business owners. By catching a minor issue early on, you can help prevent large-scale problems that result from letting a complication go unaddressed.

At S & D Plumbing, we have more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Our top-rate Lexington plumbers can tackle any plumbing need you may have—big or small. From slab leak detection to toilet repair to sewer line replacement, we have the tools, skills, and expertise needed to get the job done.

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Do You Need to Hire a Professional Plumber?

There is an array of reasons that you will want to hire a trained professional to address your plumbing problem. While some issues, like a minor clog, can be fixed with DIY methods, most plumbing problems require extensive knowledge of how plumbing systems work in order to be properly fixed.

You should hire a professional Lexington plumber if:

  • Your sink, tub, or shower drains very slowly
  • Your drain or toilet is completely clogged
  • Your water heater fails to provide hot water
  • You can see debris/gunk in your drain’s opening
  • There is a strong, unpleasant odor coming from drains
  • You see rust on the outside of your water heater
  • Your home has any sort of unusual water damage
  • You notice any signs of a water or gas leak

Hiring a professional to address these and other issues is important, as the proper care can reduce the likelihood of a plumbing emergency later on. This is especially true for potential water leaks, as even a small leak can turn into a disaster without proper action.

When it comes to water leaks, S & D Plumbing can help you:

  • Catch minor leaks before they cause extensive damage
  • Accurately locate and repair hidden water leaks
  • Keep the cost of leak repair low with early detection
  • Prevent extensive water damage to your property
  • Achieve a greater peace of mind by keeping your home safe

S & D Plumbing offers a wide range of plumbing services to address your every need. We service both residential and commercial properties, offering outstanding customer service from start to finish.

A Reputation for Integrity

At S & D Plumbing, we’ve worked hard to build our solid reputation as an honest, trustworthy plumbing company in Lexington. We’re proud to have garnered more than 100 positive reviews from our customers. Our customers come first—we’re so confident that you’ll be fully satisfied with our services and the quality of our work that we guarantee it!

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